Independence day!!!

HA AH Ha AH…….

So we celebrated the 62nd Independence day with “dignity and Pride”!!
Once again as usual we got up early , heard songs on patriotism , wore white clothes like Gandhi and Nehru and went to the market to buy small Flags which can be wore on the shirt’s left corner.
Then we went to the building compound and hoisted the Flag and we sung our national anthem…….

Wow what a routine way to celebrate this special day!!!!

We do say that India is independent.But are we Sure???
India is governed by politicians , corruption,negativism,idiotic rituals,uneducated people,……
and the list is long.
We always want to be dependent on some one.We love to shed Responsibilties and criticize others whom we gave responsibility.
We love to be the “COMMON MAN”.
India will be truly independent on the day when we ask questions to ourselves regarding a particular event rather than politicians.
We ourselves take the responsibility of a terrorist attack rather than expecting a resignation.
We will have to be free from our customs and traditions which haven’t been updated with time.

Only then will the souls of that who gave their lives for us will rest in peace.

Remember munnabhai’s dialogue……..
“Gandhiji ko mangta tha ki apna desh ekdum mast banayega………
Full to imported mafik…….”

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Swine Flu….

OOhhoo !!!OOhooo………
My coughing started and before I can remove my handkerchief people around me removed theirs and put it before their face.I was stunned…….
What awareness this “SWINE FLU” has brought in us…….Awesome.
I really feel bad about the 6 people who have lost their life and all those who have been infected.
But I also feel that our health minister Mr.Gulam Nabi Azad is doing a fantastic job.
The way he is giving statements is very matured and practical.He is quite frank in front of media and the nation.He is always talking in terms of facts and figures which,according to me is the right way of talking.Also he has created a fine balance and distinction between “PREVENTION”,”PRECAUTION” and “PANIC”.
I feel this is the way a union minister should behave in these times……
Wah sahab……
bahut achche…….Azad miyan……!!!

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