The Jaswant Singh Expulsion

Recently,One of the senior most leader of BJP Mr.Jaswant singh was expelled from the party on the basis of the objectionable book authored by him.
The incident portrayed 2 sides of the BJP leadership.
The first one is that the BJP leader ship is very hardlined on discipline and they do not consider anything beyond discipline,not even seniority.
The second one is that the BJP does not want its leaders to think and explore the past especially those things which hampers their image and ideology.
It clearly indicated that it is a party that will manipulate the facts if they hampers their interest.

Whatever may be the real reason and thinking behind the expulsion but the after in fightning in the BJP has clearly shown that it is no more a primary opposition party as it used to be in the great Vajpayee era.

Another thing which this incident has highlighted is that how twisted is the history we learn.We as students always think that partition was a result of evil intentions of Mr.Jinnah.But it may just be a part of the fact.We are not ready to believe that even our past greats like sardar Patel,Nehru and Mr.Gandhi can be the cause.They also can be wrong.
It is just that our political parties do not want to question the past beause it will put their present and future in danger.

Please start thinking in different dimesions and we may see that the things we learnt are either false or partly correct.

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