Kasab Guilty

Today,The verdict of 26/11 massacre has come and the main accused MOHAMMED AJMAL AMIR KASAB  has been found guilty of all 86 charges which were pressed against him.This is a big achivement for the government and prosecution since they have worked really hard for this.

But the dissappintment  was that the 2 indian co-accused were let off due to lack of evidence.This may be dishearting at the initial glance but may have severe political implications.

We have proved that “THERE WAS NO INDIAN INVOLVED IN THE ATTACK” and the whole plot was planned in the neighbourhood.The indian government can use this as a strong point to put diplomatic pressure on pakistan.

But the only concern is the historical attitude of pakistan. Most of us are sure that they will say that we have let off the indians purposely. !!!!

But this should not keep the big fact that kasab has been found guilty.Now the real success wont  be when judge tahiliyani semtences him to death but when he is actaully hanged.

Also i feel that the honourable judge was in a jocular mood as he convicted lakhvi and the other guys who are sitting in PAKISTAN!!! I hope that the government does not just be happy that they have been convicted but do something to get them to books!!

But the bottomline today has been that Its proven that The indian judicial system is corruption free and working very fine.

Three cheers for Mr.Nikam..

Hip Hip hurray…..

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