Ricky Ponting

It is a very well known fact that Aussies play cricket hard and give their 100% on the field.

Unfortunately, on thursday,24/3/2011, probably the worst day in the great carrer of the kangaroo captain…they lost to INDIA.

The team which has been world champs from the past 3 years consecutively and overall 4 times has been kicked out this world cup.

Cheers to Team india.

Having said that with so much of pride (being an Indian), One mustn’t forget the greatness of Ponting not only as a player but also as a captain.

He was a great leader for the men in yellow.Led them to become world champs for 2 consecutive editions and also led them very effectively to become the most feared team in the world.He obviously was a great player with superb batting skills and temperament.

Making 13,000 odd ODI runs is by no means a joke !!

Also his tactics were quite effective and as a captain he was a character to lookon on the ground.Very animated and proactive alwayz…..and a fierce compititor.

One thing that he might want to change will be his reputation about integrity.Even in this world cup , there have been instances where he knew he was out but he didn’t walk away.Maybe he would like to be  a gentle man !!!

But the bottomline is that he has been a great cricketer over the years…..a great entertainer and probably a role model for many……

I am no body to say anything to the great man…but on the occasion of his last world cup match…. as a fan I can just say him:


I just wish you were more closer in terms of runs and centuries to the god of cricket !!

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