Gaya re OSAMA !

So finally the world’s(I mean USA)  most wanted man is dead.

OSAMA BIN LADEN is dead and everybody in the states is very happy.

So m I.

Its hats off to the US government and defence department who after 10 long years traced down the militant and killed him.

There are reports that he may not be dead and this is a ploy by president Obama etc.

But if we believe the Obama government(we don’t have much of a choice though !!) then its a great achievement.

The only thing I would love to see from US(of course I am no one to demand) is that  they must speak about Pakistan openly and expose their tolerance towards terrorism.

This will help them (the USA) as it will make their biggest consumer market very happy(INDIA)!!

But we hope that USA is on the side of the truth and we see them expose Pakistan as soon as possible !

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