KANI to Gayi

Breaking news:DMK supremo Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi(Figure out a way to pronounce it!!!) is in Tihar Jail.

What ? Was that a breaking news? No….We knew it right on may 13 when DMK was humbled in TN elections.It was the centre who punished Kani…otherwise JAYA madam was alwayz there to do the honours !!

But the bottom line is that finally something is happening in the most happeneing event in India…2G scam.

May be all this is just to fool the common man as usual but we dont have any option but to be happy assuming that Justice will be done.

But one thing of irony is that kani held 20% stake in kalainagar TV and was sentenced.But her step mother dayalu ammal held 80% stake and was relesed !!

Why is this “MAA KA PYAR ??”

Well, not even god can answer this…..Its the political secret u c…

may be we need a sting operation to answer it..!!

By the way were is ANNA HAZARE ??

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