Why was Gandhiji a Mahatma ?

I have often asked myself that why was there only 1 mahatma in the whole indian politics ?

Why do we call M.K.Gandhi a mahatma?

Was he really a great human being or was he a great politician who created this image ?

My question got slightly abetted when I saw Lage Raho Munnabhai but the fire got petrol when recently Anna hazare did the hunger strike against government.

I asked myself that isn’t Anna too quite deserving of the same title.

After all , he did the fast like gandhiji, brought govenment on its knees like gandhiji, struck to the path of non violence like gandhiji. Then why dont we call him a mahatma?

But god is great !

I got the answer in few days.

We all forgot where Anna and his team were.We were engrossed in Baba Ramdev episode when suddenly team Anna announced that they have been ditched by the government.

Then , I realized the real difference between Mahatma Gandhi and likes of Annas and Babas.

The main difference was ability to produce results.

No Anna no Baba have produced anything appreciable.

When Gandhiji did hunger strike, he ended up doing his will , where as Anna ended up being ditched and baba ended up being beaten(altough his fast continues in haridwar !)

The image of Gandhiji in public was veryclean and indeed he was very clean.

Anna and baba are doubtful !

The statements made by gandhiji were inspirational where as baba says he will do satyagarha by creating his own army !!

Thus they have proved that they have followed what gandhiji did physically but never understood the great leader.

For winning a battle you cant be a soldier, you have to be a leader like gandhi.

Now I know why is M.K.gandhi a MAHATMA !

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