I still remember that day.

It was 29th April.I was biting my nails vigorously , glued to the television.

Mom and Dad were also tensed but age and experience helped them hide their tension and nerves.

As the evening progressed, my hopes diminished.

Oh common Indians it was the world cup Final !

As sehwag and the “god of cricket” went back to the pavilion my heart sank.

I thought everything is over.Then a small fight back from virat and gauti was able to get me interested to the match again. But then suddenly, virat was OUT !

I thought  letz switch this damn TV off.(I wanted to break it but dad….!!!)

Then came to the kriz a saviour.He fought and fought hard.The man who was not in form for the  better part of the WC was at his best.Mahendra Singh Dhoni,(MS) fought like a tiger.

He hit a huge straight six to help me get up and dance.

I was thinking about him the whole night.

But the world was saying about him great things when I woke up(expectedly so..)

“The king of captains”,”The best captain India ever had “ and the most interesting:”Lucky MSD !!”.

The world was praising him.To add the praising he also won IPL and it was a cherry on the cake !

The praising continued….

“The best skipper” , “Indian Clive Lloyd”…(”Lucky MSD “ was still there).

But after 2 months the praising has gone….

The best captain is gone…

The LUCK has gone…

MSD is currently under fire…

Why ?

Because he has lost 3 matches in England !!!O jesus….wat a crime…

MS….should u be hanged ??

Hahahaha…..I want to laugh at our people who are criticizing MS and media who….well they wont change !

How can the best skipper be a bad captain by some losses?

Why can’t we be consistent.I heard a TV NEWS anchor talk about consistency….

I would like to ask him….Are you consistent..? you can’t even praise him for 2 months…

How the hell can you talk about the teams consistency.

Why can’t we understand that it’s just a game.Losses and victories are part of the game.

What is required is that we do constructive criticism..

Our cricket team proves that they are like us…”INCONSISTENT”

We praise them when they win and we trash them when they lose.

It shows that we are not ready to accept the defeat…!

Why..why can’t our team make mistakes? Why cant we support our team in the poor times.Why do we make someone “GOD” at times and “DEVIL” at other?

These questions are shouting to be answered !

Anywayz…I request the readers to answer them as I am getting late…

I have to go to a rally against our cricket team !! 😉

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