Jaye he!

Lost in the dreams ….the whole night…full of enjoyment….experiencing the sweetness of the most precious gift of god.DREAM!!
But suddenly I was jolted back to the sour taste of reality by a group of students…..
Oh….I wish I could punish them….such a nice sleep…Y do they want to shout ?
I had to get up ……bloody students….!!!(Thats y i hate schools…)
When I woke up…Radio in the house was turned on..I heard songs of “DeshBhakti”(patriotism)…,discussions on Gandhi and bhagat singh..
I turned on the TV..I saw news reporters dressed in traditional Indian dresses..I saw Dr.Manmohan Singh…our very own PM giving speech about courage and valour in a bullet proof box!
It took me no time to understand that its either 26 Jan or 15 Aug.
Confirming it with the calendar..I realized its 15 august.
Hurray….Its that day again !
Independence day…
Today is a great day…indeed..
So…what is the way I celebrate my Independence day ?
Let me show you:
I see the papers and …all papers have their front page in tricolor..
I see news…all reporters are waering traditional indian outfits..
I see politicians…all acting as if they are GANDHIJI…!!
I see police men….like the jawans patrol our border they patrol our city roads…with their fully streched tummies…
I see my society compound..everybody dressed in white and making arrangement for flag hoisting…
I see shops…selling sweets made in tricolor..
I see kids…going to school  for independence day function…with a grin on their face(yaar…cricket khelna tha…)
I see small kids..dressed up asa freedom fighters…with innocence on their face….no idea whom are they depicting..
I see pamphlets…carrying offers…SALE! SALE! SALE!…50% off on LCD TV…independence day dhamaka !!

On 14 august I see people rushing to bear shops…coz 15 august is a dry day !
I see people making hotel reservations…”15 to chutti hai !! mast daba ke khana khate hai !”
On television….the programs are fixed…
morning:bhagat singh movie(all heros included)
afternoon:all movies on gandhi..
evening:a reality show with theme as independence!
************NOTE: Now a days…its lage raho munnabhai…..********************

and finally I see myself…with a small tricolor on my kurta…going for the flag hoisting….
and when I reach…I see a small kid…wearing a banyan and a short…coming to me and saying…”SAHAB CHAY !!”

Is this our independence day ?
On the independence day we force kids…to go to school..!!such a great irony ….
On the independence day we force children to become waiters…
A day that comes once in a year is so routine and fixed…
The issue is that we dont want to get out of gandhi and bhagat singh.
We want to stay there….praise them…thats all…
True that they were the one responsibble for our independence….
But now that we have got our independence …..dont you think its time to shift our focus?
I dont consider my country free…
We are slaves of our political system…..
We are slaves of corruption…..
We are slaves of ignorance…..
We are slaves of religion divide…..
We are slaves of regionalism…..

We are slaves of child atrocities…..

We must respect  Gandhi, but we must also dream to be like Gandhi..
No, don’t dream of being a mahatma…dream of doing something for the country.
There are so many issues that the country is facing..
Why cant we work and get these sorted…
O..ya…we are not Anna….so its probably not our duty…!!

Do we need a 15 august to clean our country ?
Do we need up rise like in Egypt to clean our country ?
No, what we need is resolution.
Lets today resolve to move further in this direction…
Like we clean our house…we have to clean our country…
Don’t only remember the martyrs….follow them …

By the way…I just to build the premise why i wrote this…
I saw a couple of manoj kumar and sunny deol movies recently..!!

2 responses to “Jaye he!

  1. There seem to be nothing wrong in the way you have thought or written. Many feel the same way but seldom care to write and express themselves. democratic maturity takes time to arrive particularly in a society where a handful clever ‘shepherds’ can inflence a nation full of sheep-like followers. But the ray of hope shou;ld never be lost because as it was said in one of those movie song “Woh Subah Kabhi To Aayegi…” and nation’s hope rests on its youthful force like yours. Keep dreaming because if you do not dream nothing will be worth pursuing or achieving. Go ahead and ‘make’ the nation of your dream…

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