The man with MIDAS touch.Whatever he does , he is victorious.The best captain of India till now.

Ofcourse I am talking about the man who invented “Helicopter Shot”. Mahedra Singh Dhoni.

When he won the IPLs and WorldCup, I often heard news reporters saying that he is a man with gold touch.To win a tournament, all you need to do is make MS your captain and your team will win !

But today , in a complete turnaround I heard the same news reporter saying “Yeh Captain Ki ZIDD hai”

The MIDAS touch man is suddenly being portrayed as a stubborn captain not ready to change !

How did this happen ?

It is because he is LOOSING !

The tricks which worked in world cup and IPL are not working versus  england.Thus the same tricks which were hailed as captains genius are now called a poor move by a stubborn guy !

What a wonderful world !!


MORAL : Dont think that the world loves you.Always understand the world only uses u !



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