Installing Ruby on Rails in Windows

These are the steps to be followed while installing Ruby on Rails on windows

  • Install Ruby
  • To do this, download the installer for windows from here
  • After installing to verify whether ruby is installed properly or not, open your command prompt and type

ruby -v

The output should be showing the version of ruby installed

  • After its done it is time to install ruby gems.
  • In ruby 1.9.2 it is installed while installing ruby
  • For installing gems in older versions download rubygems file from here
  • Extract the contents of the folder and traverse to that folder using command prompt.
  • When inside the folder, type the following:

ruby setup.rb

you should get a message that rubygems is successfully installed.

  • To verify type

gem -v

The output will be the version you have.

  • Now time to install rails.

gem install rails

you will see a series og things being installed.

  • Done….now type

rails new my_first_rails_app

and spread the magic !!

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