The key differences in W3C event model and Microsoft event model

Recently I came across the key differences in the w3c event model and the event model followed by microsoft( its for the IE ghost which haunts many !!)

I am listing the major differences here :

Points W3C event Model Microsoft event model
Nomenclature It is called the W3C event model It is called JScript event model
API used : object.addEventListener(event,function,useCapture) object.attachEvent(event,function)
The this object this object points to the object
to which event is attached to
this points to the window object
event object It allows event object to be passedas first argument of the listener functionthus we can do $event.preventDefault(); It provides a window.eventobject.Thus to do the same thing you have to setthe returnValue property of window.event object to false
Scope of event object The event object is not global The event object is always global
Standardized methods for event object the event object provides many standardized methods the event object does not provide the same standardized methods
Compatibility !! It is supported by all browsers Supported by microsoft browsers only !

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