HappyNess !!

Happy Moment: you solve your first sum of calculus without copying !
Next Moment :Teacher says this was very easy..any1 can do it.

Happy Moment: you see the word “passed” while seeing your result.
Next Moment: Dad says…..you scored very less….

Happy Moment: you finally complete education.
Next Moment: you are asked questions about jobs !

Happy Moment: you get your first offer letter.
Next moment: parents say your cousin got 1 lac more than you.

Happy Moment : you cook first time.
Next Moment : you are told “Tune kitchen ka kya haal kar diya ??”

Happy Moment: some1 says I love you to you.
Next Moment : He/she puts conditions for you. !!

Happy Moment : you bring sweets from your first salary.
Next Moment: they say taste is not good!

Happy Moment: You get your first visiting card.
Next Moment: No one is interested except you.

Happy Moment : you complete your project !

Next Moment: Tester says “It breaks !”


Happy Moment: you get in a running train!

Next Moment: you see there is no place to sit.!!
Happy Moment: you see your kids face for the first time.
Next moment: hospital presents you with a bill !

Happy moment: you finally leave the world.
Next Moment: people fight over your money in front of your dead body !

Happyness my friends never last long !
Its the memories of these happy moments that we must cherish !!

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