Western european special characters and how to enter them from your keyboard

HTML Name Code HTML Number Code Glyph MacOS Windows Description
‘ option+] Alt+0145 left single quote
’ shift+option+] Alt+0146 right single quote
‚ single low-9 quote
“ option+[ Alt+0147 left double quote
” shift+option+[ Alt+0148 right double quote
„ shift+option+w double low-9 quote
† option+t Alt+0134 dagger
‡ shift+option+7 Alt+0135 double dagger
option+; horizontal ellipsis
‰ shift+option+r Alt+0137 per mill sign
‹ shift+option+3 Alt+0139 single left-pointing angle quote
› shift+option+4 Alt+0155 single right-pointing angle quote
♠ black spade suit
♣ black club suit
♥ black heart suit
♦ black diamond suit
‾ overline, = spacing overscore
← leftward arrow
↑ upward arrow
→ rightward arrow
↓ downward arrow
™ option+2 Alt+0153 trademark sign
" " double quotation mark
& & & ampersand
&lt; < < less-than sign
&gt; > > greater-than sign
[ [ left square bracket
] ] right square bracket
&ndash; option+hyphen Alt+0150 en dash
&mdash; shift+option+hyphen Alt+0151 em dash
&nbsp;   Alt+0160 nonbreaking space
&iexcl; ¡ ¡ option+1 Alt+0161 inverted exclamation
&cent; ¢ ¢ option+4 Alt+0162 cent sign
&pound; £ £ option+3 Alt+0163 pound sterling
&curren; ¤ ¤ Alt+0164 general currency sign
&yen; ¥ ¥ option+y Alt+0165 yen sign
&brvbar; or &brkbar; ¦ ¦ Alt+0166 broken vertical bar
&sect; § § option+6 Alt+0167 section sign
&uml; or &die; ¨ ¨ shift+option+u Alt+0168 umlaut
&copy; © © option+g Alt+0169 copyright
&ordf; ª ª option+9 Alt+0170 feminine ordinal
&laquo; « « option+\ Alt+0171 left angle quote
&not; ¬ ¬ option+l Alt+0172 not sign
&shy; ­ ­ Alt+0173 soft hyphen
&reg; ® ® option+r Alt+0174 registered trademark
&macr; or &hibar; ¯ ¯ Alt+0175 macron accent
&deg; ° ° shift+option+8 Alt+0176 degree sign
&plusmn; ± ± shift+option+= Alt+0177 plus or minus
&sup2; ² ² Alt+0178 superscript two
&sup3; ³ ³ Alt+0179 superscript three
&acute; ´ ´ shift+option+e Alt+0180 acute accent
&micro; µ µ option+m Alt+0181 micro sign
&para; option+7 Alt+0182 paragraph sign
&middot; · · shift+option+9 Alt+0183 middle dot
&cedil; ¸ ¸ shift+option+z Alt+0184 cedilla
&sup1; ¹ ¹ Alt+0185 superscript one
&ordm; º º option+0 Alt+0186 masculine ordinal
&raquo; » » shift+option+\ Alt+0187 right angle quote
&frac14; ¼ ¼ Alt+0188 one-fourth
&frac12; ½ ½ Alt+0189 one-half
&frac34; ¾ ¾ Alt+0190 three-fourths
&iquest; ¿ ¿ shift+option+? Alt+0191 inverted question mark
&Agrave; À À option+` A Alt+0192 uppercase A, grave accent
&Aacute; Á Á option+e A Alt+0193 uppercase A, acute accent
&Acirc; Â Â option+i A Alt+0194 uppercase A, circumflex accent
&Atilde; Ã Ã option+n A Alt+0195 uppercase A, tilde
&Auml; Ä Ä option+u A Alt+0196 uppercase A, umlaut
&Aring; Å Å shift+option+a Alt+0197 uppercase A, ring
&AElig; Æ Æ shift+option+’ Alt+0198 uppercase AE
&Ccedil; Ç Ç shift+option+c Alt+0199 uppercase C, cedilla
&Egrave; È È option+` E Alt+0200 uppercase E, grave accent
&Eacute; É É option+e E Alt+0201 uppercase E, acute accent
&Ecirc; Ê Ê option+i E Alt+0202 uppercase E, circumflex accent
&Euml; Ë Ë option+u E Alt+0203 uppercase E, umlaut
&Igrave; Ì Ì option+` I Alt+0204 uppercase I, grave accent
&Iacute; Í Í option+e I Alt+0205 uppercase I, acute accent
&Icirc; Î Î option+i I Alt+0206 uppercase I, circumflex accent
&Iuml; Ï Ï option+u I Alt+0207 uppercase I, umlaut
&ETH; Ð Ð Alt+0208 uppercase Eth, Icelandic
&Ntilde; Ñ Ñ option+n N Alt+0209 uppercase N, tilde
&Ograve; Ò Ò option+` O Alt+0210 uppercase O, grave accent
&Oacute; Ó Ó option+e O Alt+0211 uppercase O, acute accent
&Ocirc; Ô Ô option+i O Alt+0212 uppercase O, circumflex accent
&Otilde; Õ Õ option+n O Alt+0213 uppercase O, tilde
&Ouml; Ö Ö option+u O Alt+0214 uppercase O, umlaut
&times; × × Alt+0215 multiplication sign
&Oslash; Ø Ø shift+option+o Alt+0216 uppercase O, slash
&Ugrave; Ù Ù option+` U Alt+0217 uppercase U, grave accent
&Uacute; Ú Ú option+e U Alt+0218 uppercase U, acute accent
&Ucirc; Û Û option+i U Alt+0219 uppercase U, circumflex accent
&Uuml; Ü Ü option+u U Alt+0220 uppercase U, umlaut
&Yacute; Ý Ý Alt+0221 uppercase Y, acute accent
&THORN; Þ Þ Alt+0222 uppercase THORN, Icelandic
&szlig; ß ß option+s Alt+0223 lowercase sharps, German
&agrave; à à option+` a Alt+0224 lowercase a, grave accent
&aacute; á á option+e a Alt+0225 lowercase a, acute accent
&acirc; â â option+i a Alt+0226 lowercase a, circumflex accent
&atilde; ã ã option+n a Alt+0227 lowercase a, tilde
&auml; ä ä option+u a Alt+0228 lowercase a, umlaut
&aring; å å option+a Alt+0229 lowercase a, ring
&aelig; æ æ option+’ Alt+0230 lowercase ae
&ccedil; ç ç option+c Alt+0231 lowercase c, cedilla
&egrave; è è option+` e Alt+0232 lowercase e, grave accent
&eacute; é é option+e e Alt+0233 lowercase e, acute accent
&ecirc; ê ê option+i e Alt+0234 lowercase e, circumflex accent
&euml; ë ë option+u e Alt+0235 lowercase e, umlaut
&igrave; ì ì option+` i Alt+0236 lowercase i, grave accent
&iacute; í í option+e i Alt+0237 lowercase i, acute accent
&icirc; î î option+i i Alt+0238 lowercase i, circumflex accent
&iuml; ï ï option+u i Alt+0239 lowercase i, umlaut
&eth; ð ð Alt+0240 lowercase eth, Icelandic
&ntilde; ñ ñ option+n n Alt+0241 lowercase n, tilde
&ograve; ò ò option+` o Alt+0242 lowercase o, grave accent
&oacute; ó ó option+e o Alt+0243 lowercase o, acute accent
&ocirc; ô ô option+i o Alt+0244 lowercase o, circumflex accent
&otilde; õ õ option+n o Alt+0245 lowercase o, tilde
&ouml; ö ö option+u o Alt+0246 lowercase o, umlaut
&divide; ÷ ÷ Alt+0247 division sign
&oslash; ø ø option+o Alt+0248 lowercase o, slash
&ugrave; ù ù option+` u Alt+0249 lowercase u, grave accent
&uacute; ú ú option+e u Alt+0250 lowercase u, acute accent
&ucirc; û û option+i u Alt+0251 lowercase u, circumflex accent
&uuml; ü ü option+u u Alt+0252 lowercase u, umlaut
&yacute; ý ý Alt+0253 lowercase y, acute accent
&thorn; þ þ Alt+0254 lowercase thorn, Icelandic
&yuml; ÿ ÿ option+u y Alt+0255 lowercase y, umlaut

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